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Sample Ballot

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Bellow is a list of the local Republican Candidates for the November 8th 2022 Election.

Governor and Lt Governor: Mike DeWine and Jon Husted
Attorney General: Dave Yost
Auditor of State: Keith Faber
Secretary of State: Frank LaRose
Treasurer of State: Robert Sprague Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:
Supreme Court Justice Sharon L. Kennedy
Supreme Court Justice:
Pat Fischer Supreme Court Justice: Pat DeWine
U.S. Senator:
JD Vance U.S. Representative (1st District):
Steve Chabot U.S. Representative (8th District): Warren Davidson State Senator (7th District):
Steve Wilson State Senator (9th District): Orlando B. Sonza, Jr.
State Representative (24th District): Adam Paul Teague Koehler State Representative (25th District):
John Breadon State Representative (27th District):
Jenn Giroux
State Representative (28th District):
Chris Monzel State Representative (29th District):
Cindy Abrams State Representative (30th District):
Bill Seitz Judge of the Court of Appeals
(1st District): Judge Robert C. Winkler
County Commissioner. Matthew O’Neill
County Auditor: Tom Brinkman Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas:
Steven P. Goodin State Board of Education (4th District):
Jenny Kilgore Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
(General Division) Judge Megan E. Shanahan Christopher McDowell
Pat Dinkelacker Charles J. Kubicki, Jr. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
(Juvenile Division) Stacey DeGraffenreid Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
(Domestic Relations): Judge Jon H. Sieve Betsy Sundermann
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