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Mission Statement

Clermont County Republican Party Central Committee Mission Statement

To cultivate, identify, support, and elect principled and capable Republican conservatives to local, state, and federal elected offices.

Vision Statement

To be one of the most effective County Central Committees in the Ohio Republican Party, consistently electing principled conservatives to all elected offices and providing reliable and increasingly large numbers of conservative
citizens to vote in all elections.

Principles and Values Statement

  • The Clermont County Republican Party embraces and promotes the following principles and values:
  • The Support and Defense of the Constitution of the United States
  • The Support and Defense of the Constitution of the State of Ohio
  • The Protection of Unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness
  • Constitutionally Limited Government
  • A Strong National Defense
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Free Enterprise and Open Markets
  • Equality of Opportunity – Not Equality of Outcome
  • Protection of the Worker’s Freedom through Right to Work Laws
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Traditional Marriage as the Union of One Man and One Woman
  • Strong Traditional Families and the Sanctity of Life
  • Parental Responsibility for the Educational Choices for their Children
  • Individual Healthcare Choice
  • The Right of Individuals to Keep and Bear Arms

Goals and Action Items

1. Encourage and engage all Central Committee members to work for and support common goals

  • Encourage an atmosphere of trust and fair play in county primary campaigns and elections
  • Encourage candidates who lose in primary elections and work to keep them active in the county party
  • Broaden the base of participation of members on sub-committees and all administrative and operational activities of the county party
  • At all meetings, be vigilant to ensure that all points of view have an opportunity to be heard before any voting is completed
  • Establish a Republican Party Club to provide opportunities for our membership to interact in both social and political activities

2. Increase participation of CCRP Central Committee membership

  • Take and maintain member attendance at both Executive & Central Committee meetings
  • Encourage Executives/Vice Executives to personally contact members in their townships/municipalities who attended less than 50% of the meetings to encourage better attendance or if circumstances for member participation have changed to request resignation.
  • Party Leadership and Executives will continuously encourage members to attend meetings, events and other activities and explain why it is important
  • Party Leadership and Executives will share expectations for all Central Committee members and provide ongoing opportunities to successfully meet their Party duties and responsibilities
  • Identify members talents, skills and interests and put to good use in various party activities
  • Consider how often the Executive Committee and Central Committee will meet during the year and make any necessary changes
  • Consider establishing member attendance criteria in order to participate in the endorsement voting process

3. Increase CCRP funds through enhanced fundraising events and establishment of corporate donations

  • Establish a Fund Raising Sub-Committee to identify ways to increase funds available for the party and develop a process to contact individual and corporate donors and share usage of raised funds
  • Expand the annual Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner to include multiple counties in SW Ohio
  • Encourage candidate (suggested annual contributions) donations to the party when they seek support through the party endorsement process
  • Create a Budget and Finance Committee to establish an annual budget process to include projected revenues and expenses of the Clermont County Republican Party at various revenue receipt and expenditure levels.
  • Increased revenues should be earmarked to assist endorsed candidates to win their elections.

4. Establish a CCRP Strategic Plan for the next four years that includes a Mission, Vision, and Principles/Values statement and Goals & Actions

  • The Executive Committee will conduct special sessions to develop and finalize these statements and Goals & Action Items
  • The Executive Committee will present to and seek approval of the statements, goals and actions from the Central Committee members
  • Once finalized and approved the Mission, Vision and Principles/Values Statements will added to the Clermont County Republican Party website

5. Improve and promote a positive public image

  • Participate in and support the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Give Away to local needy families
  • Establish public forums on informing and educating county citizens on the election process and voter registration

6. Develop relationships with other county Central Committees in Senate District 14 and Southwest Ohio

  • Chairman to make telephone calls to all other Senate District 14 Republican Party Chairman (Brown, Adams, Scioto and Lawrence) to secure contact information and open communication channels
  • Establish a medium for the Chairman and Executive Committee members to meet and share county Party challenges and successes within Senate District 14 and SW Ohio (Operational, Organizationally & Otherwise)
  • Establish a positive atmosphere and encourage trust among the county parties so candidates running for positions within Senate District 14 will be able to easily access all counties to promote their campaigns

7. Full support of endorsed local candidates (sample ballots, poll workers, sign placements, …)

  • Create, print and distribute Republican Party Voting Guides
  • Chase the Absentee Voters in a timely manner
  • Assist all Central Committee members in fully staffing their polling locations on election day
  • Establish a sub-committee to identify key locations throughout Clermont County for campaign signs and then assistance in putting up and removal the signs after the election
  • Develop/purchase and place Voter Guide Kiosks at all 66 voter polling locations in Clermont County
  • Establish a process to ensure that Voter Guide Kiosks are properly placed and periodically reviewed during Election Day for a sufficient supply of voter guides and timely removed and stored after the election
  • As funds are available, print and mail 5 1/2’ by 11” two-sided glossy campaign filers for our endorsed candidates to all likely Republican voters in Clermont County

8. Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism of the Executive and Central Committee meetings

  • Identify and utilize a Parliamentarian position to assist with conducting monthly meetings
  • Train all Leaders, Executive Committee members and Central Committee members in the basics of Parliamentary procedures for conduct of all meetings and abiding by the same Chairman to establish a “Sergeant at Arms” position(s) for all monthly, endorsement and special meetings of the Clermont County Central Committee
  • Establish an education component to each and every Central Committee meeting, to include, but not limited to, Central Committee member duties and responsibilities, the election and voting processes, election results, political party procedures and process, and various county aspects and information
  • Establish communication posters/boards/graphs and place strategically within the headquarters wall space for members to view at meetings

9. Increase Republican Party voter registration and voting percentages in Clermont County

  • Prepare an analysis from the BOE for the last 3 primary and general elections for all 166 precincts to establish baselines
  • Provide the above analysis to all Central Committee members and educate them on monitoring the same for future elections
  • Obtain current voter registration numbers for the county and all precincts and compare to total number of voting age residents in the county and precincts
  • Develop and share methods and processes on how to increase both voter registration and voter turnout at both primary and general elections
  • Develop and create a process to educate Clermont County citizens of the importance of voting in primary elections
  • Establish a Voter Registration Committee to lead the quest to improve county voter registration in all townships and municipalities